Wednesday, 15 October 2008

oh my god i can't believe it...
i haven't written anything since july!! and even that wasn't real!!

but it's ok because i have started writing again. so far it is sketches but i'll knock them in to shape, don't you worry.

in the meantime though, here's the press release for the Representation Mis Representation No Representation project for Bristol Feminist Network and Bristol Fawcett Society are running.

join in...

“Representations enter our collective social understandings, constituting our sense of ourselves, the positions we take up in the world, and the possibilities we see for action in it.” – Lisa Tickner
Representation Misrepresentation No Representation.
15th November 2008
How do women appear in the media? Do they appear at all? When we see women in the media, how are we seeing them? These are the questions the Representation, Misrepresentation, No Representation are looking to answer, with a month long community project, culminating in an exciting and co-operative art exhibition.
The Bristol Fawcett Society have joined forces with The Bristol Feminist Network to spend a month exploring the way people experience women in their physical and cultural surroundings. Every day between the 15th October and 15th November, members of the project will be counting and collating photos of women in the daily newspapers, tracking the number of women film directors featured in the city’s multiplexes, photographing the adverts and images they see every day to create a snap shot of how women are represented to us in our daily lives.
The project will culminate at St Werburghs Community Centre, where everyone involved in the project will present their findings. They will then be collected to create a visual representation of women’s representation in the media. The 15th November will see the volunteers and members of the public present and discuss the findings, considering their implications and what future action might be taken. This will form part of a week long art installation at the 204 Gallery on Bristol’s Gloucester road.
“It has become ‘normal’ to see women objectified and scrutinised in the media, from the daily press, lads' mags and women’s weeklies, to advertising campaigns, film and radio. By highlighting the ways in which women are represented, misrepresented, and not represented in a range of media, campaign will question and challenge what is so often taken for granted. If you would like to get involved, please email” explains project organiser, Jenny Rintoul.
The project will be exploring representation from media as diverse as digital, newspapers, magazines, films, billboard advertising, radio and the portrayal of domestic violence, to capture and debate the nature of the representation of women in the media.
For more press details please contact: Number: 20080210