Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sian is on holiday

So I won't be moderating comments until Saturday 2nd October.


Charles Eoin said...

Hi there,
im an expat man working out in china. I have to say that I find reading your blog really informative and thought provoking. You can tell you have a strong social conscience thats fantastic.

I found your site through the f word site about a year ago and my views on a lot of things have changed.

Living out here in a country where mao said "women are half the sky" you can see instances of sexism and misogyny all around you. Its a shame. As people here are wonderful and I love this country deeply now despite all the reservations i have about it.

I think your passion for campaigning is excellent and feel sorry people who disagree resort to personal attacks. Forget them and carry on with you what you do.

I just wish to say that your work is fantastic and wish you every success in future.
charlie :-)

sian and crooked rib said...

hi charles

thank you for the kind comments, it is lovely to have your support and i am glad you enjoy the blog.

i love that proverb! i have just finished reading a book called half the sky and would recommend it if you can get hold of it.

all the best, sian