Sunday, 18 February 2007

this month i am enjoying...

things that are making me happy in february have been....

discovering 'spaced'
simon amstell presenting 'never mind the buzzcocks'
listening to the new Joanna Newsom album and realising more and more about it on each listen
Josephine Foster
rediscovering Jane Austen
deciding Mary Shelley is my role model because she may be the coolest lady of all time. check out her family! she heard kubla khan before it was published. she wrote frankenstein (thanks for the lend jay) which invented post apocalyptic sci fi with a conscience, and she eloped with shelley who was pretty.
j dilla's the shining even though i can't get it
shackleton and the rest of hench
she's the one by james brown
bob and earl's harlem shuffle
lauryn hill's the sweetest thing
the sample on ghostface's 'whip me with a strap' and generally that album is sweet
vicki anderson - what a soul sistah
spank rock
listening to jay scratch, then apologise, then get up and scratch some more,
still stone riddim's catch me. still!
wevie stonder
reading bass clef's blog and listening to bass clef's songs
my veg box
missing my friends and realising that missing them is loving them

there is a lot of stuff to love this month.

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