Tuesday, 12 June 2007

oh dear, but ladyfest can save us

i have been slack haven't i?
i don't know what has been going on, but finding time to write seems tricksy right now.

the main thing is, a lot of my writing skill has been used up in ladyfest organisation. when i get permission from my colleagues, i'll post up some of the work we are doing to make the event good and great. we have gigs, film nights, club nights, art exhibtions, workshops, talks, parties and general excellent times raising awareness and debate on women's issues, gender issues, and what women are doing creatively.

ive been having vagues ideas for work, but nothing concrete. trying to imporove my poetry, so if anyone has any hints on how to do that, check out 'poem as autobiography' and give me advice! i shall hopefully be reading at rob's poetry festival in some london locale at the weekend, so hopefully i'll have learnt by then.

been to so many musical treat nights that i will review SOON but here's a taster:

ashton court fundraiser
big ting (of course)
the third party feat kevin molloy and nick nell (sp?)
scout niblett
normalise and appleblim at the cavern club
others too methinks, i'll get on it.

to support ladyfest go to www.myspace.com/ladyfestbristol
our real life website should be up on your monitors soon!

bye x

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