Friday, 29 May 2009

i love gloria steinem!

that's it, i love her.
she's an amazing woman.

i am also at the moment enjoying ariel levy's female chauvinist pigs. that book explains so much in such a rational and wonderful way.

last night we had a Bristol Feminist Network meeting about body image. when i left, i felt like i was walking on air. there was such a wonderful energy in the room, as this group of women, most of whom didn't know each other, shared their throughts and feelings on this personal topic. we talked about why we felt the way we did about our bodies, what had influenced these feelings and what we could do to change our negative conceptions.

sitting at BFN, i realise how stories about how women can't be close, how we backstab and bitch and are catty to one another are just another way to keep women down and divided. yet, in this room together, we were so strong, i felt like we could do anything.

it was real sisterhood.

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