Friday, 7 August 2009

a polite notice - comments policy

I've been reading a lot lately and have made the decision to start writing more feminist posts on my blog. Rather than just stories.
I used to do this back in the early days, and definitely when Crooked Rib was a beautiful little zine in print. But after some nasty negative comments on my blog I decided I wasn't sure I really wanted to read all the bile and mean-ness so stuck with the stories. (which i will continue to write). However, I now think that because some people think it is ok to be nasty and personal on blogs, safe in the knowledge that they can hide in the anonymity of the web, is not a good reason to stop saying feminist things.

in light of that, i am going to introduce a comments policy. it is quite simple.

Please do not make homophobic, racist, sexist, ablist, transphobic or hateful remarks on my blog. It isn't big, it isn't clever.

Please do not attack me personally or assume because you read my blog that you know me. It is just silly and quite hurtful. Criticise my writing, point out where you disagree, I am all for debate and questioning. I just don't want to read nasty things.

Similarly, please do not make assumptions about my class, background, history or lifestyle. What is the point? The ironic thing about when people make these criticisms is that they are actually being very prejudiced themselves, as it makes assumptions about behaviours of groups of people.

Please don't write blanket anti feminist statements on my blog, unless you can really back them up. As I say, it is great to have a debate and question why we think things, what we believe in and learn from debates. This is not the same as coming to a feminist blog with your mind made up that everything i say is already irrelevant and tell me so. It's just a waste of time! If you have something to contribute to a positive debate than that would be lovely jubbly.

I hope that is ok. One day we hopefully will live in a world where I wouldn't have to say explicitly to people to not be nasty but hey, we're not there yet and i think it is ok for me to politely ask for politeness.

Thanks and keep reading!!!

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