Friday, 27 November 2009

International Violence Against Women Day

was on the 25th November.

This is a response to a forum on the Bristol INdymedia site:

The fact remains that domestic violence is disproportionately committed by men against women, (as well as most male survivors of DV being attacked by male partners). and it isn't just domestic violence, it is about rape, rape as a weapon of war, forced marriages, FGM, sex trafficking, prostitution and the whole gamut of violence that is committed against women.I am completely convinced by the NEED to recognise the importance and devestating nature of DV and rape against men. i think we need to think seriously about this issue, and help create structures and a sense of safety to encourage male survivors of dv and rape to look for help, to come forward and to be recognised. i think greater attention does need to be given to male survivors and i think we need to find more effecive ways to help men in this area. but the need to help men doesn't negate the importance of this day. it is ok to talk about women survivors, and women survivors unqiuely, it is ok to focus some time and effort on raising awareness of the frighteningly global prevalence of violence against women. the DV stats, the 1 in 4 stat, the terrifying nature of FGM, the horrific rape conviction rate, the fact that we STILL blame women for their own rape (something which we don't really do to survivors of male rape), the imbalance in prosecuting women and men invovled in these crimes, the fact that rape is a weapon of is a day to stand up and recognise these things and shout about them and make a noise and try to find solutions, try to find ways to help women out of the cycle of violence. whenever anything invovles women people get uppity and say "what about the men". well, i say to you, ok what about the men. if you feel this strongly about it, set up your own day, set up your own support groups, set up your own networks to help men out of violence. i am sure feminists will support you, and i truly believe men and women need to work together to end violence regardless of gender. but that doesn't mean we don't need one day to stand up and recognise violence against women. when every week the news reports the number of deaths from DV, when we live in a world without FGM and forced marriage, when the rape conviction rate is representative of the number of rapes, when we can have a feminist argument without someone saying "what about the men" then i wil believe we don't need this day. we're not there yet.

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