Saturday, 15 May 2010

the evening post, lies and me

Hi everyone

As i am sure some of you are aware an article in the evening post today labelled myself and helen mott as hypocrites over the dita von teese debate. not only is this defammatory, but it is also quite upsetting to have this happen to you on a saturday morning!

i appreciate that there are many diverse views in the group about this event but if you do feel that it is unfair for the EP to call us hypocrites for objecting to the context of the von teese show and not objecting to trilogy then please can you go on the this is bristol website and leave a supportive quote.

i've tried to post but it hasn't appeared - maybe they're pre-moderated.

Also - if anyone has read the article please bear in mind that they have slightly twisted my phrasing which changes the tone of what i said. i am just adding this because i am really unhappy about the way my view has been presented and wouldn't want people to think that i sound like that!

Thanks for your support in advance


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