Thursday, 10 June 2010

Gender Interdisciplinary Group - tomorrow

Hi all

I'm talking at Bristol University's Gender Interdisciplinary Group's symposium on The New Feminisms tomorrow.

I'll be discussing the history and work of the Bristol Feminist Network, and the energy and activism that is going on.

A Katherine Whitehorn said 'Feminism is alive and well and living in Bristol'!!

Here's the flyer:

Gender Interdisciplinary Group (GIG)


Nina Power
Roehampton University

One Dimensional Woman

Naima Bouteldja

Journalist & Researcher

European Muslim Research Centre

University of Exeter

Sue Tate
Visual Culture

University of West England

Bristol Feminist Network

Sian Norris


Bristol Feminist Network


New Feminisms

What problems are new feminists trying to address?

What are the benefits of, and barriers to, making different media of feminism work together?

Friday 11 June 2010, 4-6pm (followed by refreshments)

Front Seminar Room, Department of Sociology

12 Woodland Rd

Kind of terrified but very excited.

If you want tickets please email Claire Blencowe.

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