Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Violence against women and girls in the DRC - event!

The civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been the bloodiest since the Second World War. Millions have died and mass rape has been used across the country as a weapon of war, But beyond the odd Special Report or Unreported World, we rarely hear about it in the western media.

We will be showing a film created by V Day who have worked with the women of the Congo to build the City of Joy, a safe space for the survivors of rape. The film features the women of the Congo telling their stories of violence, and the hope they have for a better future.

We will also be joined by a range of speakers, actors will tell stories and we will have a discussion at the end.

We will learn how we are all connected to the Congo.

We will refuse to accept silence on this issue.

Katharine Viner, deputy editor of the Guardian, is confirmed as a speaker at the event.

Doireann from V Day

Rona and Walter from Amnesty International (Bristol Branch)

Where? The Cube, Dove Street South, Bristol
When? Monday 6th June
What time? 8pm!/event.php?eid=148711171860810

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