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Book Diary

I love nothing more than reading. I read all the time. But I forget which books I have read and which ones I haven't. I also can never remember books to recommend people. So am going to use this post to list all the books I read during the year, along with Amazon links, and note if it is a new read, or a re-read. I re-read books a lot.

If it is a new read I will say whether I like it or not. Re-reads are obviously recommendations as otherwise I wouldn't re-read them would I! 


The Glass Blowers: Daphne du Maurier (re-read)

City of Darkness, City of Light: Marge Piercy (technically a re-read but from over 10 years ago)

Freaky: Emilia di Girolamo (technically a re-read but from a long time ago - and because I read it on the train home from meeting her!)

A Place of Greater Safety: Hilary Mantel (new) - amazing amazing book

Love in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford (re-read)

State of Happiness: Stella Duffy (new) - v moving and evocative

Bossypants: Tina Fey (new) - funny, feminist and a read-in-one-day kind of book 

Styx and Stones (A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery): Carola Dunn (new) - I've been re-reading the books I have in this series for research purposes (ssh!) but this is a new one to me and is as excellent as all the others.

The case of the murdered muckraker (A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery): Carola Dunn (new) - another great tale of the unflappable flapper

Mistletoe and Murder (A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery); Carola Dunn (new) - and another!

Unbearable Lightness: Portia de Rossi (new) - Portia's devestatingly honest memoir of her anorexia. Want to write about this more fully but highly recommended.

Anything Goes: Lucy Moore (new) - a rip-roaring biog of an unusual decade of US history

Wise Children: Angela Carter (re-read) - an old favourite that's moving and hilarious

The Mirror Crack'd from side to side: Agatha Christie (new) - I've just discovered her books, as opposed to watching the ITV adaptations.

After the Funeral: Agatha Christie (new) - I'm addicted!

They do it with mirrors: Agatha Christie (new) told you!

Death on the Nile: Agatha Christie (new) love the film too!

The First Three Marple Novels: Agatha Christie (new) - I told you, I can't stop reading them!

Murder on the Orient Express: Agatha Christie (new) - a brilliant read.

The Birth of Venus: Sarah Dunant (new) another fantastic, atmospheric read from this wonderful writer /

The Reinvention of Love: Helen Humphreys (new) reviewing this for the F Word

Fried Green Tomatoes from the Whistle Stop Cafe: Fannie Flagg (re-read from teen years) I loved this book as a teen and it was lovely to re-visit it.

Further tales of the City: Armistead Maupin (re-read)

More Tales of the City: Armistead Maupin (re-read)

Sovereign: C J Sansom (re-read) this is my fave of the Shardlake books that I have read

Mary Boleyn the great and infamous whore: Alison Weird (new) a fantastically researched and readable biog as always.

The Other Boleyn Girl: Philippa Gregory (re-read but simply one of my favourite books)

The Rules of Civility: Amor Towles (new and absolutely excellent. Want to be Katey Kontent in 1930s NYC!)

The Devil's Cub: Georgette Heyer (new, my first ever Heyer read)

Sandstorm: Lindsey Hillsum (new - this is a must read if you're interested in Libya)

Girl Reading: Katie Ward (new - loved it)

Evil under the sun: Agatha Christie (new - classic Poirot)

Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man: Fannie Flagg (re-read but not read since I was about 13)

Why be happy when you could be normal: Jeanette Winterson, (new - moving, beautiful, painful)

Oranges are not the only fruit: Jeanette Winterson (re-read to remind me for reading why be happy)

The edible woman: Margaret Atwood (re-read - i think this may be my favourite book in the whole world. i read it at least once a year).

Dead in the water - a Daisy Dalrymple Mystery: Carola Dunn (re-read)

Dial M For Murdoch: Tom Watson and Martin Hicklman (new and gripping!)

Damsel in Distress: PG Wodehouse (new and could become another Agatha Christie)

Bring up the Bodies: Hilary Mantel (much anticipated and not a disappointment - gorgeous on every page)

These old shades: Georgette Heyer (new and loved it!)

Moon Tiger: Penelope Lively (re-read from long time ago - stunning)

Anybody out there: Marian Keyes (new - heartbreaking! can't put it down!)

The other side of the story: Marian Keyes (new - loved it)

Angels: Marian Keyes (new - very good, slow reveal that works really well)

Last Chance Saloon: Marian Keyes (re-read - good book but very inaccurate portrayal of the advertsing industry!)

Taken at the Flood: Agatha Christie (new - great twist but didn't like the ending)

Mrs Robinson's Disgrace: Kate Summerscale (new - loved it but not what I expected at all)

The Song of Achilles: Madeline Miller (new - absolutely stunning)

Big Money: PG Wodehouse (new and so much fun!)

The Virgin Blue: Tracy Chevalier (re-read from when I was about 13, glad to re-discover it)

Quest for a Maid: Frances Mary Hendry (re-read from childhood)

The Little White Horse: Elizabeth Goudge (re-read - my favourite children's book)

Beyond the Wall: Writing a path through Palestine: Bidisha (new - wonderful book by a wonderful woman)

The Sealed Letter: Emma Donoghue (new and a must read, fascinating stuff!)

Regency Buck: Georgette Heyer (new, I love her but you have to turn your feminist brain off!)

Flat Earth News: Nick Davies (new, a great read from the man behind the Murdoch fall!)

Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed: Abby Lee (new and bloody brilliant from a woman I have oodles of respect for)

 Murder is easy: Agatha Christie (new and good - but VERYdifferent from TV adaptation)

The Purple Shroud: Stella Duffy (new and a fantastic sequel to Theodora)

Carnevale: MR Lovic (new and to be honest I'm struggling. Luscious but not grabbing me)

The Robber Bride: Margaret Atwood (re-read and one of my favourite books. A desert island book)

Lady Oracle: Margaret Atwood (re-read, i can't just read one of her books!)

A dangerous inheritance: Alison Weir (new, i love her novels and i love her biogs!)

Sleeping Murder: Agatha Christie (new, think it's my fave so far)

The Copper Beech: Maeve Binchy (re-read, but from young adulthood)

Amelia Peabody: Omnibus 1-4: Elizabeth Peters (new, just the first one so far but great fun!)

The Jeeves Omnibus Vol 1: PG Wodehouse (new, just the first one so far, I love them!)

Valley of the Dolls: Jacqueline Susann (re-read, ok i know i know. but it is AMAZING!)

The Owl Killers: Karen Maitland (re-read)

Before I Met You: Lisa Jewell (new, i really enjoyed it)

Circle of Friends: Maeve Binchy (new, liking a lot.)

The other two novels in the Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus Volume One - i LOVE him!

The Kingmaker's Daughter: Philippa Gregory (new, another brilliant read from one of my fave writers)

The Falcons of Fire and Ice: Karen Maitland (new and a great read about the time of the inquisition)

The Time of the Hunter's Moon: Victoria Holt (re-read, very silly PROBLEMATIC!)

Anna Karenina: Tolstoy (re-read, amazing to re-discover, feels like a totally different book)

Part 2 in Amelia Peabody Omnibus

Why the Whales Came
My Friend Walter
The Elephant in the Garden - Michael Morpurgo (i'm reading kid's books. Why Whales is an old fave)
The Dancing Bear

The Harlot's Press: Helen Pike (new - loved it)

The Mystery of Mercy Close: Marian Keyes (new - another excellent read from Marian!)

The Jeeves Omnibus Vol 3: PG Wodehouse (new and brilliant! So so funny)

The Daylight Gate: Jeanette Winterson (new - a fantastic novella exploring 17th century with trials)

Bring up the Bodies: Hilary Mantel (re-read and this is a book that demands re-reading and rewards it too)

The Queen's Fool: Philippa Gregory (re-read, my favourite of hers and one of my fave books. I LOVE Robert Dudley!)

Who needs Mr Darcy?: Jean Burnett (new, chick lit about Lydia from P&P, it's ace and much fun!)

Silent in the Grave: Deanna Raybourn (new, a brilliant Victoriana murder mystery with many twists in the tale)

The Jeeves Omnibus vol 2: PG Wodehouse (new and a right giggle as always)

Before I met you: Lisa Jewell (re-read from earlier in the year, i like it)

Winter in Madrid: CJ Sansom (new, really enjoy his books, very powerful and gripping)

The Brothers Karamazov: Dostoyevsky (re-read, this is my favourite book of all time. I'm kind of reading it again over a long period)

The Red Book: Deborah Copaken Kogan (new, I enjoyed this, a good weekend on sofa book)

The Group: Mary McCarthy (new, loved it, but sad! thank god for feminism)

Love in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford (re-read)

Jeeves Omnibus Vol 4: PG Wodehouse (new, great fun)

Out of It: Selma Dabbagh (new, very powerful)

Slammerkin: Emma Donoghue (new and fabulous. Think Emma D is one of the best writers working at the moment)

Grand Sophy: Georgette Heyer (new, my favourite Heyer so far!)

The Light Years: Elizabeth Jane Howard (new, and an absorbing and beautiful series)

Marking Time: Elizabeth Jane Howard (new, second part of Cazlet Chronicle)

High Rising: Angela Thirkell (new and great fun)

Valentine Grey: Sandi Toksvig (new, funny and tragic, I love Toksvig!)

Confusion: Elizabeth Jane Howard (new, loved it. Love this chronicle!)

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