Sunday, 25 November 2012

Publication date set for Greta and Boris: a daring rescue

Hip hip hurrah!

My book, Greta and Boris: a daring rescue will be published on 29th March, 2013.

The book tells the tale of Greta, who must go on a magical mission to rescue her cat, Boris, Prince of Cats. Along with warrior cat, Kyrie, Greta must face the staircase of autumn leaves, cross Cloud-Top Land and the Milky Sea, rescue the Land of Mice from a devastating war and face the challenge of the terrifying Rat King.

In her review of the book, Bristol Women's Literature Festival chair, and all round amazing writer, broadcaster and woman Bidisha writes:

Greta and Boris is touching, exciting, cheeky and vivid, with wonderful characters, a strong narrative and sudden delightful details. … Greta and Boris is billed as a children’s novel but is more of a tale or fable – a fast and picaresque vision quest in which a young hero finds her destiny and with it, of course, her inner strength, which she had all along. It’s a standalone work which ... is suitable for 7-9 year old readers and is structured in such a way that it can be read or acted out to younger kids too.”

The book is published by Our Street Books, an imprint of John Hunt, and will be available to buy on 29th March 2013

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