Thursday, 19 February 2015

I'm in a book!

The fabulous organisation, Everyday Victim Blaming, has published an e-book featuring a range of essays on, well, victim blaming and the fight against male violence against women and girls. 

And it features a piece by me! Hooray! 

You can buy the book from the link here.

Here's what EVB has to say about it:

Everyday Victim Blaming is our first book which is available on Amazon!
Everyday Victim Blaming is a collection of essays, speeches, and critique of the representation of domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the media. The book covers rape culture, celebrity culture, male violence, racism, classism and victim blaming. It includes essays written by Karen Ingala Smith, Joy Goh-Mah, Sian Norris and members of the Everyday Victim Blaming team!
Please buy the book and support this fantastic organisation who, as well as raising awareness of victim blaming in the news and media, deliver training to try and end blame culture and win better justice for women survivors of male violence. 

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