Sunday, 18 March 2007

I'll be around

this is for all the stupid girls like me.
and is inspired from:

i'll be around by miss billie holiday

"I’ll be around no matter how you treat me now,
I’ll be around from now on.
Your latest love can never last,
And when it’s past, I’ll be around when she’s gone.
Goodbye again and if you find a love like mine,
Just now and then drop a line
To say you’re feeling fine.
And when things go wrong,
Perhaps you’ll see you’re meant for me,
So, I’ll be around when she’s gone."

and dusty springfield
"baby if your new love ever lets you down, come back, i will be around, just waiting for you, i just don't know what else to do."

and kylie minogue
"if you say you love me, oh boy, then i can't ask for more, i'll come if you should call'
i think this is one of the saddest lines in music. in fact all these lyrics are heartbreaking.

but enough on inspiration, here's the story:

I’ll be around.

It is your power I guess, you have the power so that now I am trapped here and how can I find anyone else when still I sit under your spell, your god damn fucking spell that simply refuses to set me free how can this still be happening.
Like a dog, like a dog I lie on the mat of your door waiting for you to crash back down from wherever you have been when you are not with me, and I’ll take you back in my arms and stroke your hair and tell you that everything will be ok, and like a dog I am hopelessly grateful for any whisper of a caress you return to me. A kiss on the corner of my mouth sends me shivery and into paroxysms of possibility that surround me.
I watch you with her, and when it goes wrong you know that I will be around. When she twirls her hair around her finger and looks lovingly into your eyes, I’ll leave now that that is good for you, I’ll be around when that no longer is enough.
Like your shadow you fall back on me when you no longer want what she so temptingly has offered you and like a cushion I take you in and you tell me how it all went wrong and I pray and hope that because I have stayed around you’ll want me again.
I feel like Dusty Springfield and Billie Holiday and Kylie Minogue just waiting just waiting for you to finish with the her, the next her, and come back to me because I’ll always be around.
I don’t know how else to behave anymore. Being in love with you has become this horrible attachment to my side and I can’t shake the feeling off, no matter how much I want to leave this alone now. Let me take myself back, I beg of you, I beg of her. Stay with this one so that I can no longer be around. Take her away with you and leave me behind and then maybe one day when I am alone again I can shake away this that surrounds me, like a dog shakes water from it fur, like a dog.

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