Sunday, 18 March 2007

quick update of musical treats

been to loads of good musical events of late, but haven't really had time or skill to review them sooo...

DMZ, Gatekeeper, Wedge, Appleblim and Ed (sorry hon, i forgot your dj name) at Soho.
my god! amazing. firstly, it wasn't just the free laughing gas that put a smile in my face. storming set from the lovely appleblim (he may be my most favourite person in the world right now) who, as he put it, seeing as the dubstep was fairly covered he could play a bit more of what he wanted. this resulted in a bit of rhythm and sounds which is always a pleasure, plus another time out for that turbulence tune 'notorious' which i adore (always a fixture at flat parties let me tell you) and witness dub. some people weren't too keen on dub come save me, but i liked it. felt that it kind of stripped down witness to its basic musical elements, then lapped something over the top to give it something different. hmm, that sounds a bit trite. i know what i mean.
anyway, i think appleblim judged his formula right, the night needed these tunes to build in to the dubstep extravaganza it was going to be - and of course we need reggae and dub to look deeper in to the origins of the music, it was a perfect set up for what was coming.
next up were gatekeeper and wedge of hench, who moved things in to a steppier arena. the bass was just gorgeous - going right through you and keeping the crowd completely excited. gatekeepr dropped a few of his new tunes which sounded wicked (they did, they did!) and ok, so i am biased, but i do think he is really great and you can see how he is getting better all the time (that is not meant patronisingly btw), the tunes are gaining in depth whilst still keeping a kind of rawness or visceralness. (is that a real word?)
i like. i still like the alicia keys sampling one the best. kind of dubstepromance if you will. with dark side that you need in romance.
when dmz got on the decks i was fucking blown away. i felt like when i went to see madonna - i couldn't wipe this stupid smile off of my face, i mean, these guys practically invented dubstep, and it shows. their tunes just have this immense sound and completely enthrall the dancefloor, the bass rips through you and all the layers work up together - yum! i wish i could write it more professionally and succinctly, i just have to express the complete joy and brilliance that they are.

so, dubstep done, now moving opposite direction to The Master Chaynjis at the louisiana on thursday. i can't really add much to my last review, except to say that in some respects sam's voice was even better, and once more they were completely gripping in their performance, with that easy switch from intense and raw emotion in the song, to friendly and funny banter in between. i just love 'the bear with a glint in his eye', and i like the way they inject humour in to even the saddest songs, such as 'bird in the hand'.
shame about the support. promising set up of cello violins and piano/keyboard, but my god! you do not do an unironic cover of 'chasing cars' (voted best song of all time by listeners of virgin radio!!!!!) and you NEVER EVER NEVER cover nina simone. that is a rule folks! did we not learn from muse? it is like covering billie holiday, and the only person who is allowed to do that is nina simone, and i still find that a bit tricksy.

friday was surprise turn of jay le surgeon at hermanos, what a set! of course, no one listens in there, but i do, and that is what im there for, official roller of cigarettes and listener. he pulled out a broad spectrum of disco hip hop soul and funk, as ever, james brown, nicole willis, party time, curtis mayfield, oh what else, sugar hill gang (old skool fun), and his mixing was right on target, lovely and smooth with the odd scratch to keep it interesting.
still, four requests for status quo was taking the piss a bit. must have been a drunken bet of 'oh, who can wind up the dj', but really, you DO NOT ask for status quo when james brown is playing.

picked up the spank rock album the other day, it is so cool, really joyful hip hop. jay said it was like a bunch of 14 year old boys giggling over an issue of playboy they found in a bush. that is meant as a compliment. it is just really fun and happy, whilst still having really skilled mc-ing and nice heavy beats. i also got an early gossip ep to see what all the fuss was about ( i see it) and scout niblett's last album, only then for my dvd player to break (my cd player already broken) (with my new mighty boosh live dvd trapped inside it) so all i managed was one listen. has meant i am now proper old skool with my vinyl, tapes and vhs tho. born in the wrong era.

this week i am looking forward to bass clef supporting kieran hebden and steve reid, although i may have to be there merely in spirit thanks to ticket costs. then on thursday friendly fires will be playing the cooler - got a fright seeing jack's face beaming at me from the wall on my way to work today! (working on sunday til ten ruins my life but gives me time to write) so that'll be good. then on friday off to london for mr hopkinson film, francois, vexkiddy and jay le surgeon at the spitz on saturday, yay!

saw inland empire yesterday. best closing credits of any film i have EVER seen, and the rest of it was good too, although makes mulholland drive seem like a realist novel. i kind of thought maybe a touch too long a time to be completely confused, and it did get darker and darker until i was wishing i had someone with me, but as a piece of art just fantastic, just no reason to try and get it. it would be like wanting to know what pj harvey's lover tells her on a rooftop in brooklyn at one in the morning, or what bill murray says to scarlett johannsson. somethings are best left unknown. i felt there was a lot of female solidarity in the film, it was very female.
and great soundtrack ('you've gotta swing your hips now')

i'll shut up then. read the stories, they are much bettter than my meanderings.


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