Saturday, 15 September 2007


ugh, i can't believe it is another beautiful sunny saturday and i am sat here in work. again! i seem to be working saturdays all the time! at least this is a real bona fide shift that i will get paid for this month tho. but it doesn't make me feel that much better. im sitting in last night's clothes with no make uo and my manager has just dropped off next term's weekend rota. i think, i know, i have to leave here soon.
sooo, just sitting here, just sitting here, looking for jobs. if you would like to offer me a job then call me up. i'll wear red lipstick to the office every day and work my librarian 50s hitchcock heroin chic for you.
all the jobs i want are in london but all the life (or, a good two thirds of it) i want is here in Bristol. The magazine i was just writing for are desperate for staff, and i think they'd be loads of fun to work for, but i can't leave my home. i love this city like i do a person, with a huge, all comsuming and encompassing passion for walking down its streets. i love the fact the old beautiful buildings are juxtaposed with modern monstrosities, i love the river and the dutty swans, i love being able to walk everywhere in relative safety and peace, headphones in, head up, feet bouncing over the pavements (altho, i don't love my new trainers, i miss my old gazelles) and i love seeing the people i know wave at me as i dance past them.
i can't give that up to be a fashion assistant on a magazine in the ditch.
i think i want to set up my own business, be my own fashion assistant. but i don't have any money.
so, it looks like it will just be me, sitting here, not in the sun, wishin and hopin.

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