Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The government's war against women continues

This is bad news

The Inquiry in to Police Handling of Rape Cases has been shelved due to funding being cut.

Coz, you know us women. We just lie about it anyway. don't we?

How many women a year need to be raped for the government to take us seriously?
How many men need to not go to jail and rape again and again before the government take women seriously?
How many false rape accusation articles can the daily mail write?

Theresa May stood on stage at the womens aid conference and said 'actions, not words' when dealing with violence against women and girls.

Actions that include, so far,

Proposing anonymity for rape defendants
Slashing domestic violence police powers funding
A budget where 70% of those worst impacted are women
And now this.

The funding for this was £441,000

That's a drop in the ocean for the government. When you think of the billions of pounds spent on trident, the money lost by tax evaders employed by the government, the private fortunes of our leaders.

So we will continue with this ugly road where women are not believed. Where police don't arrest rapists because they are 'respectable men'. Where the rape conviction rate is 6.5% and the annual number of rapes is 100,000. Where women don't report to the police because they know there's 'no point'.

Actions, not words. Thanks Theresa. Thanks LibCons.

Daily, you betray the women of Britain.

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