Tuesday, 30 January 2007

big ting! (cosies, st pauls, bristol)

yeap, big ting was pretty great this month. after a sketchy and shaky start, everything turned out pretty fun time party, with seemingly endless dj-ing from le surge. was wicked to see soul lounger down for the evening, playing his brand of house and deep beats, with a lovely remix of brandy's what about us that had people dancing. chris (puffin jack) pulled out the reggae and the dubstep that is becoming a pretty great regular genre in the night, and it is always fun i think to watch people do that slow slow bounce dub step dance. he started off with some chillax regggae coming on after jay's second (?) go on the decks, before moving through to dubstep which is always a good tip, you know you can properly see the evolution of the genres of reggae-dub-step when those are mixed together.
as more and more pints of guinness and shots of tequila were downed, more and more on the mic did jay go. my personal favourite moment had to be his pissed off mc-ing over the lack of enthusiasm to greet bob and earl's harlem shuffle (now THAT is a tune!) resulting in a rewind much appreciated by me and the crowd. it is always a bit tricksy recalling exact details of the musical eclecticism that is big ting because i am generally pretty pissed. this generally results in a confused attempt the next morning to try and restructure the sets on the way to munch pie at the pieminister - this sunday no exception. but i am pretty sure there was some james brown in there, and nicole willis was dropped at some point, the day i get bored of that chick is the day i stop dancing. it was 'perfect kind of love' which is my second favourite tune on her album, after of course 'if this ain't love', the two being played together the previous evening at hermanos.
moving on to in love and china mike - some good hip hop being pulled out mike's bag along with his usual mix of rare funk 7" always get the room dancing. i always love sam's set (in love) but man, im at a loss to name the tunes...all i know is that they are great and he produced some wicked big ting mix cds last year.
jay was pretty determined in the 'what to play tomorrow night' discussion to get some surprising songs in the mix. the aim was to get songs from childhood years that everyone would love to dance to - resulting in some phil harris - baloo the bear to you and me - before sliding in some amazing bbc recordings of african and indian drumming from 1939 (or 6, i can't quite recall) that was fantastic, really spiritual and full of loads of levels and different influences from across the globe.
by the time the bar decided to close we were all pretty knackered and wasted, with just a few stragglers hanging on to the dance floor in the end. but even then they didn't want the tunes to stop. and if that isn't urban butlins, i don't know what is...

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