Thursday, 25 January 2007

this is another poem that has been called "brutal" blam!
Dear u.

And when I walk around and all I can think is.
The pressure lies at the forefront of my head until it aches
It aches aches achesaches.
How can you not feel this ache?
I don't understand how you can live without my love
When I can't.
Can't even exist from motion to movement without the desperate need of yours.
I turn my back on those who enfold me,
Until slowly I grow to realise that it is my fault and all my words that came before have been lies.
Wrong or wronged it is all confused now as I stand un choosing.
Thorns grow out of my body at every touch which isn't you.
Spinier than all, only with you is my body a cushion.
For your pins to prick.

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